Light In The Tunnel


Our Cast Of Characters...

in alphabetical order

Agua Clara 
(Andean folk/pop/traditional band)

Angel Marin, Jorge Olmedo, Martine Estelo, Patrick Carmichael, Yanko Valdes


Martina Bruno 
(Haitian American opera singer & folk, gospel, theater)         


Trevor Exter 
(pop singer/cellist/songwriter)


Ron Gibbs 
(jazz/R&B guitarist)


Cathy Grier 
(blues guitarist/singer-songwriter)


Sean Grissom
(pop/classical/cajun cellist)


Julian Hintz aka “Julz-A” 
(accordion player/singer/hip-hop artist)


 Juba and Mecca Bodega
(percussion, hammered dulcimer, other various)


Juba, Marc Mueller, plus two (TBD)


(pop/rock/soul singer and songwriter)


Roger G. and Unique Force Hit-Squad  
(dancers/roller-bladers/mimes/acrobats/story tellers)

Roger G.

Roger G. with wife Sylvia and son G.G. -
members of Unique Force Hit Squad



Luke Ryan 
(blues/folk singer/songwriter)


Wendy Sayvetz


Select Blendz
(acapella doo-wop/“new-wop”)

Tommoraw Mortimer, Jerome “Rome” Cohen, Raisin Cain, Lee “Scout” Ford


Dorian Spencer
(folk/pop singer/songwriter)


Salieu Suso
(Gambian Griot/Kora Player/Singer)

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