Tech Rider - Andrew Schulman

1. Parking space with immediate access to backstage to unload equipment.

2. One orchestra type chair.

3. Electrical outlet for guitar amplifier.

4. Sponsor will provide sound either using in-house equipment and staff or by contracting a competent sound company to set up and run sound for performances. Minimum: one microphone for speaking.

5. Stand lights/electrical outlets (if necessary because of lighting design).

6. Dressing Rooms-Sponsor shall furnish comfortable, properly heated, ventilated, clean and well-lighted dressing room near the stage, mirrors, chairs, hot and cold running water, and toilet and lavatory facilities. Dressing room must be clean, cleared, and made available to artist at least two (2) hours prior to show time (example: 6:00pm for an 8:00pm show).

7. Sponsor will provide one (1) table for concessions.

8. A map of town with directions to the hall clearly marked would be appreciated.