Light In The Tunnel


“Light in the Tunnel” is a new original Broadway bound musical
about the magical love affair between street performers
(a.k.a “buskers”) and their audience of passers-by in the
subway stations beneath New York City.

Created by veteran New York City subway performer,
folk singer/guitarist Wendy Sayvetz,
“Light in the Tunnel” features an ensemble cast
of the city’s finest street/subway performers.


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crowd funding campaignpowered by Rocket Hub.
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Meet our cast of NYC subway performers
performing "live underground" in this 10-minute promo video!


Listen to excerpts of original music by our cast
while viewing a slide show of our creative team and cast...

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Contact Us:
Wendy Sayvetz, Executive Producer:

Promo Video*: 'Filmed by Steve Yeager with additional filming by
Julian Hintz and Wendy Sayvetz;
edited by Julian Hintz with additional editing by Steve Yeager;
produced by Wendy Sayvetz and Julian Hintz.
Slideshow with Song Excerpts Underscore: created by Julian Hintz
Original Artwork (Illustration and Collage) created by
Hilary Allison
DVD-ROM Formatting & DVD Package Graphic Design
by Julian Hintz
Website: Andrew Schulman

*special thanks to Susan Jonas, Paul Mueller, Steve Yeager, and Nicola Vazquez for essential critical input.