....from reviews...

"There is something outrageous, irreverent, and wonderfully refreshing about the Abaca String Band...Everyone was a winner in this match-up. The audience got a real charge out of the novel juxtaposition of instruments and styles and left feeling musically energized."
Gannett Newspapers

"Toes tapping in tempo, heads moving with the rhythms, smiling faces and standing ovation - it must be (not a rock but) a chamber music concert by the Abaca String Band...The informality they establish plus the level of perfection of musicianship can turn the most lukewarm into the most enthusiastic of fans of chamber music - Abaca style."
The Woodstock Townsman

"The Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert Series seems to go out of its way to find unusual performing ensembles that have wide public appeal. The Abaca String Band fits the bill perfectly."
The Staten Island Advocate

...from concert presenters...

"Your performances last month at both The Breakers and aboard the cruise ship were models of high professionalism, superb artistry and excellent taste. The audiences of both diverse programs were treated to a blend of the classical and popular; you made each a crossover for the widest possible musical enlightenment and entertainment...You are an impressario's dream!"
The Newport Music Festival (Newport, RI)

"You have brought the joy of making music to many who would not otherwise attend a concert and to a classroom of students who had no idea of the world in which you and your colleagues live. Your warm enthusiasm and fine performances have made a great contribution to our work at Carnegie Hall."
Carnegie Hall/Education Dept. (New York, NY)

"I was holding my breath. This is absolutely my best association. Andrew went above and beyond to make himself available at such short notice...Don Souder gave me an excellent report! I highly recommend this group to all the associations."
Community Concerts (New York, NY)

"This year has been a popular one for Membership Special Events. The Abaca String Band was a strong force in making our receptions exciting and successful...You are a joy to work with and because you are so thorough and professional, I don't worry about a thing."
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, NY)

"Given our audience's response to your recent concert at Bridgewater College, I suspect you already know that the Abaca String Band was a real hit!"
Bridgewater College (Bridgewater, VA)

"The String Seminar by the Abaca String Band has been one of the most beloved presentations of the Weill Institute Seminar Series. Your perfect blend of refreshing music and delightful history has a way of making the most complicated classical music comprehensible and enjoyable to apathetic students...It amazes me how you are able to reach students regardless of their age and adapt your program accordingly."
Carnegie Hall/Weill Seminar Series (New York, NY)

"I would like to thank you for your joyous and professional presentation on December 16, 2002. Who would have thought 'A Klezmer Christmas' could happen - and twice in one day! You and Abaca are the only ones who could pull it off!"
Planting Fields Arboretum (Glen Cove, NY)

...from audiences...

"Your performance tonight in El Paso was superb! Thanks for one fabulous evening!
El Paso, TX - Community Concerts

"Great group - a real crowd pleaser!"
Rugby, ND - Allied Concerts

"We were very pleased with this group. Indeed I would consider having them back again."
Columbus, NE - Allied Concerts

"I enjoyed the string quintet more than any other music groups that visited our school."
New York, NY - The High School of Economics and Finance

"You guys are fabulous!"
New Brunswick, NJ - The Zimmerli Museum