Tech Rider

Wendy Sayvetz, Vocalist/Guitarist

with Andrew Schulman, 8-String Guitar
and Robert Zubrycki, Violin


1.  One sturdy bar stool app. 30” high with rungs  (or piano bench)

2.  One very small table - roughly the same height as bar stool or piano bench

3.  Two chairs without arms

4.  Professional quality PA/sound system operated by an experienced sound technician:  to include the following…

a. Electrical outlets, extension cords, power strips for guitar amplifier and for music stand light if necessary

b.  One high quality vocal microphone (i.e. Shure SM57 or SM58 or similar)

c. Two direct boxes  –  two with 1/4 inch jack inputs for direct/internal amplification of Wendy and Andrew's guitars.

5. Two guitar cables with 1/4 inch jacks at both ends for direct/internal amplification of two guitars as above.

6.   On external microphone for violin


7.   Two music stand with light if stage lighting is not sufficient to read music


8.   Clean dressing room(s) and rest rooms near stage area


9.    Water and fruit (simple is fine)


10.  Parking spaces for one vehicle near stage entrance.


11.  Auditorium open for sound check and warm-up two hours before
                  start time of concert.